What is Orel State Medical University Ranked?

Orel State Medical University is the best university in Russia which is situated in Orel and is considered to have a wonderful ranking of 143 on the country parameter. The university possesses distinctive features as it is the only one to be listed as an associate of the Classical University Association of the Russian Federation. The university executes 110 medical programs and 14 different specialities. It is the only university which supplements the students with high-quality training for graduate and post-graduate programs. The university provides 100 full-time doctors, 33 professors who are skilled doctors, 77 assistant professors, 3 honoured scientists and 12 academicians.

Quick Highlights
Intake: The intake for the MBBS program at Orel State Medical University happens in September.

Requirement: The main requirement of the candidate before applying for admission is a 50% score in PCB.

Proficiency:-The candidate needs to be proficient in English

Recognition: The Orel State Medical University is accredited by the NMC and WHO.

EntranceExam: The student is not required to take any entrance exam, IELTS or TOEFL but has to have a qualified NEET score as per the NMC guidelines.

World ranking: The country ranking of the university is 143 and the world ranking is 4041.

Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria at the Orel State Medical University require the candidate to pursue the following guidelines as under:-

The candidate should be 17 years of age on 31st December of the admission year.
The applicant should have a minimum 50% aggregate in PCB from a recognised university.
The applicant should have a qualifying NEET score as per NMC guidelines.

Admission Procedure
The admission criteria at the university require the candidate to follow the step-by-step procedure for admissions as under:-

Step 1 . Apply Online: The candidates who are applying to the Orel State Medical University are required to correctly fill out the application form online and attest the following documents to the application form which include:-

Copy of grade transcripts of 10th, 11th and 12th.
A transfer certificate from the past institution.
A scanned copy of the passport.
6 passport photographs
Step 2. Invitation letter:- As per the evolution of documents, the candidate will be notified of the acceptance and rejection of his application. The candidate will duly receive a letter of acceptance or an offer letter from the university if the application is sanctioned as part of the admission procedure.

Step 3. Enrollment Expenses:–As part of the Orel State Medical University admission Process the candidate needs to pay the enrollment expenses after he has received his offer letter from the university.

Step 4. VISA process:-After receiving the invitation letter the student needs to apply for his VISA to travel to Russia.

The documents required for the VISA are as under –

Invitation letter provided by the Orel State Medical University.
Passport with a validity of 2 years.
Duly attested certificates of high school are to be attached.
Medical certificate showing no traces of HIV or Aids.
Step 5. Upon arrival in Russia, the VISA formalities are over the students need to pay their 1st-year tuition fees as per the fee structure and then they can board their flight to Russia.

Faculties of Orel State Univeristy
Situated in Orel, the backbone of medicine has innumerable faculties to assist the students during the course. Orel State Medical University distance from moscow is 325 Km and well provisioned in clinical and scientific research, the university opens a broadway into the field of healthcare with highly trained laureates. The faculties include:-

Faculty of medicine
Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Philosophy
Faculty of Economics and Management
Faculty of History
Faculty of Graphics Art
Faculty of Physical education and sport
Faculty of Social Pedagogy
Faculty of Aesthetic Education.

Main advantages of studying at the University
Situated in Orel Russia, the Orel State Medical University distance from Moscow is 325 KM which makes it quite a phenomenal choice to pursue medicine. The university is gifted in many ways and renders excellence by providing the under:-

Multilevel training procedures
Auxillary education
Specialised degree programs
Clinical and research methodologies.
FEE structure
The MBBS fee structure is highly affordable and incorporates the tuition fee and hostel fees.

Year Tuition fee in RUB Hostel fee in RUB Medical Insurance in RUB
1st year 251450 50,000 6000
2nd to 6th year 251450 50,000
Top Bottom Line
The Orel State Medical University offers extensive research training to medical students with highly skilled education and facilities within the campus. The hostels are well furnished with rooms, electricity and water backup. There is centralised cooling and heating and a personal kitchen for the students to enjoy a quality lifestyle.

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